Mikołaj Bazaczek.

XAOS Collective Co-Founder / Digital Wizard / Visual Artist & VR Developer

Experienced in the design industry, I specialize in crafting captivating visual experiences. My expertise includes architectural visualization, virtual reality, real-time rendering and front-end web design & development. I’m driven by a passion for pushing creative boundaries.

Proficient in cutting-edge tools like 3dsMax, V-Ray, Unreal Engine, Chaos Vantage, Adobe CC Suite and VS Code, I bring imagination to life with technical precision. My multidisciplinary background and AI image generation knowledge make me a valuable asset to any team.

Beyond work, I enjoy photography, indie game development, and typography. I draw inspiration from the nostalgia of retro gaming handhelds.

With a Master of Architecture (MArch) from Politechnika Gdańska, I bring strategic thinking and business development expertise to the table. I’m committed to leveraging my diverse skills and passion for innovation to succeed in the ever-evolving creative landscape.

Let’s collaborate to shape the future of digital art and design through extraordinary experiences.